Curly weft human hair extensions

Curly weft human hair extensions

Weft hair is refers to the hairstyle in which the hair is weft into one line by hands or machine. This hair extensions is quite easy and quick to apply so it draws much of customer’s attention. Using weft hair extensions, you can get a completely new hairstyle even when you are in a hurry

Four main hair product of Weft Hair Extensions:

+ Single drawn quality type 1: weft hair in which both short hair and long hair are put in the same bundle. The average length of the bundle is long enough to meet the demand of customer; however, there are also short strands in it.

+ Single drawn quality type 2: the quantity of hair with the same length is more than that of single drawn quality type 1. Hair is also thicker in the top and thinner in the end like single type 1.

+ Double drawn quality: the hair is made with more long size in a bundle to give a really fullness on the end of the hair.

+ Super double drawn quality: is the best hair which has almost the same hair strands in one bundle of the hair. It is, of course, the most expensive hair standard of all.

Available color:

+ Black color: #1, #1A, #1B

+ Dark brown: #2, #3,#4, #2H, #2Q, #3Q, #4Q

+ Light brown:  #6, #8, #12, #27, #8H, #32H, #33H

+ Blonde color: #14, $16, #18, #22, #24, #60, #613

+ Cold color: #6C, #9C, #18C, #5Q

Besides, if you like looking for something new, then we have mix, ombre and piano color for this hair extensions.

Shipping Method UPS, FedEx, DHL, EMS

Delivery time 7 => 14 days after payment received

Return policy:  We accept return within 30 days, please make sure that the hair hasn't been used or damaged. If the items you received is defective, please contact us first


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